Take a Little Internet Vacation

So I just came back again from a minor &#39Internet Trip&#39, and by internet holiday vacation, I indicate, I was harshly, brutally, eliminated from my precious internet connection, and all the joys and woes that provides me, when my modem went out, And could not be reconnected to the internet, no make a difference how challenging I tried out to make it hook up. Ugh. I know, I felt sorry for me, also! It was awful, at 1st, like coming off crack, or a little something (I&#39m kidding … who can pay for crack cocaine, these days ?? hahahaha!) … I believed I was gonna shed my intellect, I was so Frantic about attempting to make the modem do the job, all over again. Also, I was not entirely certain which box was the modem – hahahaha! Everyone makes the delighted assumption that because I have these huge internet websites on the net, that certain I will have to know at least the bottom line basic principles of the pc, but, nope! I do not. From time to time I feel I do, but I normally like to have a entire ton of clarification to make certain what I feel is suitable, is in truth in any way right … is a slight trouble for me, as you could nicely imagine! Haha!

The 1st two days have been unquestionably the worst … I was going back again and forth to my community Time Warner business office, to get a new modem, but I have all 3 items set up as a result of Time Warner .. my cellphone, my Tv set cable ( Which I did not want to jeopardize, fer sures, because it turns out I&#39m waaay more addicted to my beloved Cable Tv set displays (and I Will need each and every 1 of my one,000 channels – they&#39re crucial to me, I have to have to see What all is on that I do not want to view … but I also appreciate DVR, so when I eventually do find my beloved courses, I can tape them all for afterwards … suitable now, I&#39m on an I Aspiration of Jeannie kick, because it&#39s on TVLAND, and is even funnier than I bear in mind it to be … moreover, it reminds me of 1 of my beloved devices in Vegas, the I Aspiration of Jeannie Slot Machine – so considerably enjoyable! Upcoming time you&#39re in Vegas, look for it out, you&#39ll chuckle by yourself silly, when singing along to the concept song … I assume you&#39ll be drunk by the time you&#39ve been at the casino for the amount of Time it&#39ll get You to find the I Aspiration of Jeannie device … I know I normally am! Hahaha! I&#39m just amusing myself, now! Lol!)

But I digress … now that&#39s under no circumstances happened, in advance of … haha! So the deal was that I have an &#39extra&#39 black box that the modem connects to, AND the key cellphone line connects as a result of the black box, also. I kept telling them that down at the Time Warner business office, but it turned out that they kept giving me the improper modem box, so I would happily get the new modem, carry it property, hook up it all up, and be discouraged out of my intellect When it would not hook up to the internet. I have a huge serious trouble with large blood strain, these days (thanks to a terrible task situation, but more on that when I am entirely away from that …), and I believed, ok, this is actually poor for my pressure Amounts, so following attempting 5 of the improper modem bins from Time Warner, I took a minor crack. I just could not do it anymore – I believed I would shed my intellect, attempting to pressure the modem to do the job … aaarrrgh! And it turns out, praying did not do a entire ton of superior, possibly … I&#39m not certain God is related to the internet (even though, He most likely is, what with staying Omniscient &#39n all …! Lol!).

Prolonged story quickly shorter, following staying offline for the 1st 5 days, all of a unexpected my lifestyle felt less complicated. Less difficult. I sort of felt like we have been back again in pioneer days (and, no, I am not inclined to exaggerate, which I have reported for at least the millionth time …), but with all the beautiful electrical energy and indoor plumbing, and whatnot … but it was strange how disconnected I felt from the entire world. It was superior and poor at the same time. Like a regular holiday vacation! Hahaha! (Have you ever been on the holiday vacation, and later on, your beloved component was coming property ?? haha! Takes place to me all the time!)

It&#39s funny, I did not actually comprehend, in advance of, when the Internet worked with out question, that I feel I could have been entirely addicted to the internet. How outrageous does that sound? But it was schedule for me to check my emails all working day lengthy, and following I was disconnected for a when, I realized that I did not have all the ups and downs that are sooo popular with checking your e-mail, see who you obtained an Email from, how superior was the e-mail (or more importantly, how incredibly hot was it ?? hahahaha!), And on the down facet, who did not get you e-mail from, and how disappointing was that? I was on an emotional roller coaster experience, and all due to the fact of e-mail !! Aaaand, I experienced a slight obsession with how a lot of readers did I have to my web pages, and how considerably revenue experienced I made more than the class of each working day (not considerably! Boooo !! But 1 working day I think they will develop a wonderful profits for Me, God Inclined! Lol!).

Properly, I kept going back again and forth, back again and forth, to the Time Warner workplaces (the good news is, they&#39re actually close to where I stay), attempting to clear up my internet pc connection trouble, and most of the staff members have been actually wonderful ( Albeit, they kept giving me the improper modem, even when I begged them to you should just give me the primary 1 that I experienced introduced in when the difficulties 1st started), until finally we obtained the most significant beeeotch of them all – she was horrible To me. (Amusing believed … would not it be hilarious to feel in your head, when you are secretly imagining somebody is staying horrible to you, that they are staying &#39whore-ready&#39 ?? hahahahaha! All right, now I like that. .. that will be my new believed to lighten items up for myself when some indicate lady is staying horrible (ne: &#39whore-ready&#39 hahahaha! That just makes me chuckle! Haha!) To me … and why are gals more To be certain to be indicate to other gals, then all beautiful to any man who ways the counter What ever happened to female solidarity? Unfortunately, (and the good news is for me) it took a man to take care of my difficulties (uh, I feel that&#39s happened in advance of) In me lifestyle! Hahaha!) …

Time Warner ever despatched out some experts (A few weeks afterwards .. can you imagine staying offline for 3 entire weeks ?? I ought to get a T-Shirt with “I Survived My Damaged Modem” … nicely, perhaps not …) , And it took them more than an hour to eventually get my pc related to the internet, all over again – Thank God !! Was like the skies parted and the sun came out! They have been great experts, and there was no way I would&#39ve been ready to take care of the trouble myself. So I guess the motto of this story is: You can not normally take care of items by yourself … or, get a minor crack from the pc, in case you, also, have develop into a slave to it, continuously checking your e-mail Regardless of what it is you looove so considerably on the internet !! hahahahaha!)

Properly, the crucial thing is, I&#39m baaack !! Yippee! And I did not skip almost as considerably as experienced imagined I experienced … is that pathetic ?? Haha! Regardless of what. Now I am considerably better at keeping away from the pc a bit more, and managing my time on the net a entire ton better … I am no longer a slave to the pc, and I discovered that the world was a apler, and perhaps A tad bit happier, when we have been not related to each other, practically, 24/7. Definitely, that&#39s a rather new phenomenon, so I&#39m guessing I&#39m not the only 1 out there in Computerland who was addicted to the internet … not in a bizarre way, but a way that unquestionably experienced a keep on my day-to-day Emotions and routines … who realized? Now I do! Yippee, I&#39ve broken out of the Internet yoke! All right, I&#39ve gotta go check my e-mail, see who&#39s published to me because I started crafting this … no, I kidding … I&#39ll check it tomorrow … or the upcoming working day … we&#39ll See how I truly feel! Now who&#39s in handle, Pc? I feel it could be me !! Haha! It’s possible quickly it will be you, also !! Lol! See you quickly, Ailsa xox! (All those are distant hugs and kisses, just so we&#39re each on the same site with that! Hahahahaha!)

Oh, and if you would like to donate to the Redcross to support all the bad people who are dwelling authentic disasters, not just mere internet meltdowns, all those people folks in the mid-west working with the aftermath of all those people terrible tornadoes, you can Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a speedy $ ten donation. You know how I truly feel about raising a ton of revenue – question for a minor bit from a ton of folks, and you&#39ll get a great response, question for a huge amount variety a few folks, you&#39ll barely get any. .. functions each and every time!

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