Investing – Saving for Retirement

One of the dumbest things I hear from people is that they have little to no retirement savings. Most of these people (I will not name names) are under 35 years old and do not think that they will ever be old. One of the largest assets any college graduate with a job has the … Read more

Investing For Your Retirement

Pension scheme contributions With current tax relief, for those on a marginal tax rate of 22%, a contribution of £ 100 only costs £ 78 (and for those on 40% only £ 60) and then earns income and capital gains free of tax (except that tax deducted from dividends can no longer be recovered). So … Read more

Maximize Your Savings With A Retirement Plan

Most of us believe expenses reduce after retirement. However, soaring inflation and rising cost of medical care can leave less money in your pocket, forcing you to cut down on other essential expenses. With inflation running at 7-8%, your expenses will double every 9-10 years. Therefore, to remain afloat, you must ensure that your retirement … Read more