Origins of the Stock Market

When did the world begin officially investing? When did the stock market originate? The stock market origin goes back to 200 years. The origin of the stock market was laid in Europe before the industrial revolution 400 years ago. Many established merchants of this wanted to invest in huge businesses. However this could not be … Read more

The 7 Most Attractive Bogota, Colombia Neighborhoods For Foreign Real Estate Investors

The real estate boom in Colombia is definitely attracting more and more foreign real estate investors every day. Growth in Colombia’s capital city, Bogota D.C. has been extraordinary. However, as in all markets some locations within the city have been performing better than others. Furthermore, foreign investment in Bogota Real Estate has been mainly focusing … Read more

How to Avoid an Investment Property Scam

This article was first published in May 2006 as a warning to potential investors to take care when committing to property investments. Hundreds of investors actually signed up with us, and are taking part in a joint legal action, but many more, including many of the leading banks, some now in government hands, went on … Read more

What is an Equity Broker?

Those who wish to buy or sell shares of stock in publicly traded companies do so by engaging a stock broker. The broker receives a commission, and in some cases, a monthly fee for managing the account. When most people use the term “stock broker” they more than likely are referring to an equity broker. … Read more

Why Investment Loans Are Not All Equal

So, you’ve decided to invest? This is a decision which could make you serious money down the track, but the first step you need to take is deciding how you’re going to finance this investment. Although it might not seem like it now, the loan you choose for this investment could impact on the amount … Read more