Microsoft Word Smart Quotes and Internet Article Writers Do not Mix

By default, Microsoft Word mechanically changes straight quotation marks (&#39or&#39) to curly (intelligent or typographer&#39s) quotations as you type. to HTML, the quotations are transformed to non-common people which end up littering your doc with dilemma mark symbols and / or other rubbish code.

When in doubt, do not allow your Ezine Content articles to consist of intelligent quotations:

Most article content that are put into article distribution normally end up getting sent to an electronic mail newsletter viewers. E mail newsletter servers have around zero-tolerance for MS Word intelligent quotations they will not identify them as valid ASCII people (because they are not valid). They are a figment of the Microsoft ASCII imagination. In most cases they will show up as rubbish code thus creating you, and your article, glance like a real newbie missing proper formatting competencies.

At chance are: quotations, apostrophes, double dashes, and 3 intervals in a row.

This is what intelligent quotations seems like when correctly exhibited:

intelligent quotations arent quite intelligent

This is what Common quotations seems like when correctly exhibited:

“intelligent quotations” are not quite intelligent …

This is what intelligent quotations seems like when NOT correctly exhibited:

â Intelligent Quotesâ € ™ are not quite smartâ|

Do you see the draw back prospective of leaving intelligent that put into distribution? Common quotations use the most affordable frequent denominator in the ASCII character expectations entire world and this assures that your article content will glance terrific in any HTML or Text format.

How To Disable Microsoft Text Intelligent Quotations:

1. On the Instruments menu, click on AutoCorrect Alternatives, then click on the AutoFormat As You Type tab.

two. Beneath Substitute as you type, select or obvious the “Straight quotations” with “intelligent quotations” verify box.

Alternately, you can copy your whole MS Word doc around to a non Microsoft text editor (EditPlus, UltraEdit, TextPad, and so on) and do a easy research and change. Look for and change the intelligent quotations into common quotations, apostrophes, dashes and dots if relevant.

Warning For Authors Who Do HTML Code For Their Content articles in MS Word:

Except you have intelligent quotations disabled, it must be pointed out that intelligent quotations are not valid HTML code. Thus, dont even take into consideration applying MS Word to do HTML code unless of course you have the intelligent quotations function disabled.

Report Marketing and advertising Intelligent Quotations Summary

Intelligent quotations are best still left for e-textbooks, bodily textbooks in print, PDF documents and any non-HTML related doc. If you want to improve the portability of your EzineArticles, do the intelligent thing and switch off Microsoft Text intelligent quotations or do a research / change just before you add your next article to the net.

Source by Christopher Knight

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