Investing $400 Fast – A Lucrative Investment Secret

Shhh..after reading this article, you must promise to never breath a word about this lucrative investment secret. I urge you to take it now and prosper from my own experience. If for any reason you can’t keep quiet about it, at least make sure to understand what you are about to discover so you can competently describe it.

$400 can turn into $1 million dollars very quickly. I am sure you are familiar with compounding and understand how interest upon interest pays off. The lucrative secret you are about to learn has to do with SOR or “speed of returns” This amazing little twist makes compounding of amazing proportions possible.

With most investors happy with a poultry 30% percent per year, you can be excused for thinking what you are about to learn is not credible. However, the fact is, 1000% yearly returns are actually just the bottom of the barrel.

When you consciously seek out and find short cycle investments, being careful to assure the risk is not excessive, you can make incredible returns in your investment business. There are two reasons why.

Firstly, short cycle investments compound capital faster. If you focus your efforts specifically on finding fast turn around investments then you can quickly make huge returns on a yearly basis. Speed of return is often more important than the size of the return.

Secondly, becoming your own investor source, in other words, the capital you invest whether it be $400 dollars or $400,000 dollars, is invested by you and not just handed over to some fund manager who couldn’t care less what your return is either way. What happens is, the money being in your own hands, you not only reduce a significant overlay of risk that is present when losing control of your capital, but you also increase compounding by becoming more skilled as an investor.

Source by Martin Thomas

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